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Our Mission and
Vision Statement

OUR MISSION: is to give guidance, support, referrals, and documentation, where appropriate, at a reasonable cost. We are different because we have years of experience in a multitude of areas such as: Corporate, Real Estate, Franchising, Bankruptcy, and Intellectual Property (Trademark & Copyright – Prosecution and Litigation). Our stance regarding Corporate Community Citizenship is very important to us. This refers to a company’s responsibilities towards society, producing higher standards of living and quality of life for communities and still maintain profitability. Our founder’s entire adult life has been dedicated to the community and has and still is leading by example. She started out as a hospital volunteer aka candy striper at 13. She became a teen mentor at 18 and has been mentoring ever since. In 2017, she went back to her high school alma mater and helped a fellow classmate friend fulfill his dream by creating a foundation that would give the high school students scholarships to go to college and she served as the President of the foundation. In 2021, she went back to her high school to mentor, and ended up in charge of the school’s mentoring program for two years and served on the Board of Directors. In 2020, back in Atlanta, she volunteered to be a mentor for the Truancy Intervention Project (“TIP”) whose motto is “Breaking Barriers, Building Futures”, which was created in 1992 by Judge Glenda Hatchett and Attorney Terry Walsh to mitigate truancy and chronic absenteeism in Fulton County. Their mission is to increase student attendance and opportunities for success through legal and family advocacy. TIP promotes the importance of school attendance among students and their families and intervenes directly with students who are truant or at risk of becoming truant. First year in the program, Sharon was the 2020 Recipient of the Honorable Glenda Hatchett Volunteer of The Year Award. Our firm supports the Education & Opportunity Fund Program, which donates money to various organizations, through United Way, that prepares our youths for the future such as teaching them how to build wealth, and learn current technology to be competitive for the future. A former Girl Scout Troop Leader, our CEO values giving girls ways to learn about team work, togetherness and leadership. As a leader who will be a team player with you, Sharon and her team will work with all resources available for the end results you requested. OUR VISION STATEMENT: I read that a vision statement should not be too specific because it should be a long-term idealistic state of the future that doesn’t exist yet. We want to, at a low price, help future business owners develop their businesses from the ground up by teaching them how they can take control of their day-to-day operations including teaching business mentoring classes helping with the culture, organizational structure, and basic requirements to get your business started. By doing partnerships with other industries which are pertinent to a successful business, including website building, company tax return preparation and any litigation services needed, our goal is to become a one-stop shop for new businesses with a special push on promoting women and minority owned businesses in a unified way. We will NOT act as your attorney, however, with partnerships, we will line you up with a law firm that’s appropriate for your endeavors. A CONSULTANT: is a professional who provides professional or expert advice or service in a particular area. They advise on a company's practices, from employee training to the allocation of resources.

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